Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dinner with Danny and Austin

After a very long debate on whether or not we wanted to go out to dinner, I decided to make dinner with whatever we had left in the fridge. We're getting to the nitty-gritty now... leftovers are now becoming a challenge. It's like the t.v. show Chopped, four ingredients and make something spectacular.

Well, with what I found in the fridge, this is what I decided to create.

1st course: Yesterday's homemade pasta (now ramen) and a simple soup stock with green onions
*This was a hit with Danny, he loved the simplicity of the soup and the texture of the noodles. "I think this is the best ramen I've ever had, this might be better than ramen."

2nd course: JalapeƱo Pepper stuffed with goat cheese and pan seared ham.
*Another hit but had Austin running around the kitchen scouring for bread and water. This antic continued for several minutes until I fed him a bellpepper stuffed with goat cheese. He was fine after that :)
*Sorry I only got the prep pic.

Main course: Trader Joe's Chicken Gyoza over a bed of arugula from the garden with a rice vinegar, soy sauce and hot chili oil. With a side of veggie and ham fried brown rice.
*Let's just say there are no leftovers.

Tomorrow we're having a Happy 3rd of July BBQ and Beach party. If I'm not wasted, I'll take pictures :)