Monday, July 18, 2011

Carmageddon Party

What a crazy weekend eh? Everyone was freaking out about the 405 closure and didn't want to get stuck in traffic...wait...what traffic. It was like heaven, there were only a handful of cars on the road and the 405 had never been more empty.

Christina and I stuck to the westside and went hiking with Loren, Jina, and Devon up to Westridge. The trail was full of hills and and the view was amazing. We got a great work out and came back caked in dirt. Christina and I rode our bikes down to the beach to take a cool dip in the ocean. We hit reset, caught a few waves, and took a nap on the beach.

What could make a day like that better? Well, nothing except for having friends over for a BBQ, which is exactly what we did :)

I apologize now for not taking more pictures. I have a slight dilemma and that is that I don't have an actual camera. I use my cellphone to take pictures. Once I have a camera, I promise you the pictures will be worth looking at.

Austin and Christina made this awesome decoration for our party, very creative.

I made appetizers which included Teriyaki Tofu Summer Rolls with a Spicy Peanut Sauce and Christina made an amazing avocado and tomato salad that was to die for. Ari made a special homemade Mac n Cheese recipe that his mom used and it was gone before I got thirds :)

We ended the night with a drunken game of Connect Four and more of Austin's awesome craft (crack) cocktails.
What a wonderful Saturday.